Get COM enabled VBA compatible VSTO project to work using an installer

First, here is what we are looking for our of our VSTO

  • VSTO just works
  • VBA code can use the new libraries AND have intellisense (eg pre-binding)
  • to be used by all users of the computer (click once installer is thus ‘out’ thus – custom installer)

UPDATE: This article has the answer: The stuff below is also good information to use and do. Continue reading

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Registry Comparing Tool

After I deleted registry entries for a VSTO program, I used the regshot tool to compare the before and after.

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How to access app.config from VBA that uses a VSTO

When I started testing my VSTO from a VBA button, the function that reads from the app.config broke. I knew that the VBA was not able to access the app.config since my default null value was being returned, but did not know how to fix it.

After trying multiple approaches, the one approach that works is found here.

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Characters not allowed as SharePoint Names

I uploaded something I got from a collegue – it seems to be plagurizing the doc above BUT HAS even MORE info.  I would love to give credit, but I don’t know where it comes from: Ilegal Characters _SharePoint.pdf

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3 computer crashes/rebuilds in 3 years – same machine – I finally snapped and did the VM thing

OK – so 1.5 days down without pay. That stinks and is not going to happen to me again. I have always wanted to make a VM and run Windows inside my VM. 2 machines later and 3 crashes – I finally snapped and did it. I don’t have a blog with many links, but here is what I did… and it works. Again , I wrecked many a VM on purpose – fiddling and knew how quick a restore could be – so why am I not working like this on purpose for my own disaster recovery? A whole weekend went down the drain – but never again … here’s how… Continue reading

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Creating a custom icon for windows forms

The blog post here describes what program to install and how to create the icon. Then once created I saved it into a Icon folder in the project file.

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How to start a Company (Corp or Sole Proprietor) in Alberta

What route to choose. There are really only 2 options

  1. Sole Proprietership (also called Trade Name) and Incorporated. Here is how to choose. You do not want any of the other options due to the risk involved.
    • click on the sub-links and it has all the how to steps on getting things done
  2. Canada Government resources
  3. Book Keeping 101
    • tips
    • online calculators
    • some basic spreadsheets for
      • stuff you spend $$ on
      • splitting out
        • the GST (basically it is a running total. How much GST to collect, how much stuff did you expense that you can take off that GST)
        • categories
      • stuff you can claim (eg. $500 for gift cards in some instances, meals is 50% deductible, computer is 100% but over X years etc. etc.)
      • automobile – miles or $$ and %driven
    • reading
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Visual Studio Crashed and my .cs file for a windows form was corrupted

So my visual studio ended up crashing due to my hard drive dying. Unfortunately the work I had completed yesterday to my form was corrupted. Luckily I had a backup and then performed a beyond compare on the designer.cs file. I took all of the new buttons and then had to fix any errors when I opened the file due to the code in the .cs file not being there. Also to be noted I could not use the original .cs file since I was full of nulls. I just took in the old one.

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Using SharePoint Lists as a data source in … well Excel

I am being asked to provide weekly data updates and …. I hate paperwork, especially when no matter how many of these I create, no one looks at them but they keep telling me that thisor that column is missing. Well SharePoint Lists are a perfect place to keep the action log and the updates for those actions, but people want to keep using Excel. It  is mainly because they don’t know how or what sharepoint lists do – but Excel – they know. My question to be answered is “how can I work in sharepoint and do a query to get a report that they will [never] be happy with”. Lets explore this. I have office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 now.

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Known Error when Creating SandCastle HTML and Fix

When I created the html only the ThisAddin Namespace was showing up. This is a known error detailed here. The workaround/fix was to check “Include root namespace container” in the “Help File” section. This was a bit hard to find, but if you select “Help File” you will see the check box right below “Conceptual content placement”. Once checked all namespaces are now shown in the html once the build is performed again.

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