VNC Centos

This link FINALLY got me up and going using the RealVnc Client. I just made a new account like this guy did. FINALLY it is running. It has been years and I am trying to lock things down a little on my Linux machine.

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Windows 2012 doesn’t sync its time to an NTP – here is how

Seriously!? And no checkbox to turn it on? Powershell commands!? I guess is why Mac costs 2x as much. Here is a great post. Get Started.

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SPF Records – why and how

Finally an article that explains it. Microsoft has rules that mark incoming mail as spam even tough, as humans we would prefer to see the emails without the spam warning. Enter SPF. If you have a microsoft email – it is quite an ordeal.


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Helpful VBA/ActiveX AutoCAD Links

Some links that can help with designing VBA to handle AutoCAD are below:

Iterating through layer collections

Delete all objects in a layer

How to copy all objects from one drawing to another in autocad through VBA

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Take ANY SharePoint 2010 or 2013 Library. Does clicking on “Open in Explorer” hang your computer with an error after 1-2minutes?

Lets say you have a SharePoint Library and want to open in in Explorer to a whack of files by copying them in rather than through the web interface. BUT you cannot as there is an error. In SharePoint’s Library ribbon, you can if you…

Click Library -> Open with Explorer

And it hangs your computer for about 1-2 minutes – arriving with an error box

“Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer”

Root Cause: The webclient services is not running and (in my case) COULD NOT start. Do this …
Continue reading

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Dropbox .. your fired!

Dropbox cannot be run as service and always up has failed us making it so.

So … what next?

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The New Office Add-in helpful links

After researching and finding some good information on the new office add-in I have found the following links that will help anyone in designing them:

Build your first excel add-in

Excel JavaScript API

Excel JavaScript API in detail

VSTO vs JavaScript API

Office UI Fabric

GitHub Library of Office UI Fabric with coding examples

Inserting Images Word Only

Other options with JavaScript API for Word only

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How to deal with files with a name longer than 259 characters?


The fileinfo class that is the standard class to use for getting fullname of a file will produce an error when the path is too long. This is a path that windows allows but the class can’t handle the error. More on the subject is described here.

After much research I installed the nuget package ZetaLong Paths. Just searched for it and chose the appropriate file as shown below.

The article that pointed me to the solution can be found here. It also lays out some alternative methods.

After I installed the package I was able to use fileinfo methods such as fullname without any path too long error. Just change fileinfo to ZpFileInfo for methods using fileinfo.

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Configuring and getting an RDS SQL Server dB from local to AWS – what a pain

The documentation is sooo not complete at AWS to get a dB restored from local to the AWS server. The error I had when i ran the stored proc (below) was “Database backup/restore option is not enabled yet or is in the process of being enabled. Please try again later.These guys got me started, but I was still a long way off, this guy finished the missing link. The instructions below hopefully will help. I wished I would have recorded this but .. this article is my best memory of how I solved it.

Connecting was mental too – I added a firewall rule – but adding to the default one was the trick that made it work. Now, after doing all this, I see why – you have to make “groups” of this or that and then apply those groups. That is the key to making things work on RDS. Continue reading

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Access Sharepoint folder as a unc for automated file add

UNC Path Naming for files stored on SharePoint

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