Upload Keynote to WordPress Example (Nevada and Idaho 2017)

Click Continue Reading for … welll more on how to do it. It takes about 5 minutes once you have done it once.

  • So – I am a geek and I know html – but it isn’t hard. You can upload plugins and all sorts of things, but … it is fairly easy.
  • First, I spent way too long making a Nevada picture album from my trip.
  • I clicked the share -> HTML…. menu and saved it in Documents¬†and called it “keynote”. I should have called it “myFavoriteStateThisSummer”. Then I upload
  • Next, I uploaded that directory to my wordpress site using the cPanel’s upload feature. I would use some FTP program like FileZilla if you had it (free)
  • Then … lets say I put that folder on my website right at the root, then I would add “keynote/index.html” to the end of the main page of my website – so in my case, http://www.elbsolutions.com/projects/keynote/index.html (most people have their website NOT in a folder – my website is in the projects folder – so you would likely be http://mywebsite.com/keynote/index.html)
  • Now, make a new post
    • put a title
    • click the “Text” mode (upper right of the main edit window)
    • type this html
    • <iframe style=”width:100%; height:505px” src=”/projects/keynote/index.html”></iframe>
  • DO NOT PANIC – what you see is NOT what you get.
  • Publish and “View Post” in a new tab
    • Right-Click the View Post in a new tab
    • I had to fiddle with the 505px till I got it about right
  • DONE
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