– it keeps working even if someone breaks it. How to rescue a moved directory seemed like a good alternative for sharing files AND backup AND version control. With any new system, someone tries to breaking (inadvertantly usually) and one needs to recover. Someone moved (copied actually) a sync SHARED folder to the desktop. There also was the same directory stuck in time on the proper spot – so it looked like the sync broke. However, the one on the desktop kept syncing and that was being kept up to date.

There is hiden .syncinfo (not sure exactly what it is called) in each folder being synced. Even if you turn on hidden files – it cannot be seen.So since there were 2 folders and it was being shared – how does one recue this without wiping everyone else folder out? I was sweating bullets as incoming faxes were there – ok I knew enough to be careful.

  1. copy all NON HIDDEN files to another directory – lets say c:\temp\tempsync. DO NOT MOVE THEM
  2. go online and stop sharing that directory with the user in question
  3. SHIFT-delete the folder(s) on the desktop and the other normal (or apparantly normal) synced folder in the proper spot.
    1. SHIFT-DELETE permanantly deletes thigns
  4. re-share the directory. I did notice that there as a note saying it was no longer shared.
  5. Use Beyond-Compare to ensure that files are the latest and exist CAREFULLY and work with the client to ensure that any changes make sense
  6. Keep Old cop(ies)

Very tense – but it turned out to be OK.

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