How to start a Company (Corp or Sole Proprietor) in Alberta

What route to choose. There are really only 2 options

  1. Sole Proprietership (also called Trade Name) and Incorporated. Here is how to choose. You do not want any of the other options due to the risk involved.
    • click on the sub-links and it has all the how to steps on getting things done
  2. Canada Government resources
  3. Book Keeping 101
    • tips
    • online calculators
    • some basic spreadsheets for
      • stuff you spend $$ on
      • splitting out
        • the GST (basically it is a running total. How much GST to collect, how much stuff did you expense that you can take off that GST)
        • categories
      • stuff you can claim (eg. $500 for gift cards in some instances, meals is 50% deductible, computer is 100% but over X years etc. etc.)
      • automobile – miles or $$ and %driven
    • reading
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