Setting up WebDAV for IIS 10

In order to set this up for customers to use automatic file transfer via webDAV I found a really good website that seems to provide the perfect method except you skip the last step where you link it to the particular website. Here is the link.  This allows the user to automatically update files on the server.

Then I had to enable some sort of authentication (I used Basic Auth as it was one user). This website filled this in (this guy at Microsoft is stellar – he is a teaching kind of guy) Things worked when the authoring rule was for

  • one specific user
  • Allow Access to “all content” was selected
  • Permissions was read, source, write

of course, that needs to be narrowed down – but it worked from my Mac and (let me check … no – need to google how to connect from windows. I thought it was mapping a network drive – or the small link FROM that called “connect to a website that you use to store…” – and it DOES work from the local machine and the remote mac – which means I have a little more research to do. One guy at this site said -> Set BasicAuthLevel’s value to “2” (search for that on this page). If it works, I will let you know . BUT .,.. I need this to work from the photocopier – so … it does. I THEN made a new windows user, setup windows folder NTFS permissions on the folder(s) and then added a new webdav Authoring Rule for that ONE user. DONE! Only took 3 hours to figure the part where I started writing “Then I had to enable…” COMPUTERS!!!!!!


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