project folder name manipulate, VS

Sometimes when you are writing a program in visual studios you suddenly come to the realization that one of the folders you are using in your program really doesnt make sense anymore. Maybe you changed what it does or it has evolved in purpose or maybe the original creator simply gave it a bad name. Well there is a way to change the project folder name at any time. How this is done is one finds the location of the project in explorer. Simply change the specific project folder name with the rename tool and then launch microsoft visual studio. Visual studio, upon launching, will inform you that the particular project you are loading can not be loaded properly. This is because the file path that it was using now leads nowhere. The solution is to click on the particular project, not the solution, and click properties. find the path. Since this VS detects that there is an issue with the path it will now allow you to manipulate it. Change the part of the path that has the old name and replace it with the new one. Now the project folder name is fixed and all you have to do is reload the particular project and it will be ready to use!

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