Precedents limitations in Excel Formulas – VBA

I am trying to find the fastest way to store and retrieve a reference to a cell in another workbook. The sheet I am making is a delta record of what a spreadsheet that archives where data USED to be and make a quick link to get back to that data. So – I thought I used a simple formula =’somesheet somewhere’!$A$2 then I could intelligently pick up its information using a formula. Well – in short you CAN – if it is not off sheet. All mine are a off sheet – so the trick is to show to “Trace Precedents” arrows and use the Range.NavigateArrow() method to look back. THAT WILL WORK – but I think I will just store the long string and use Range(“‘somesheet somewhere’!$A$2” ) and be done with it. I think it will be less compute intensive. The guy in this article did all that cool stuff I am NOT going to use – very ingenious. Thanks Excel for exposing all sorts of goodies for us to use.

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