What I learned about SMTP for Filemaker and AWS

What I have learned about SMTP. I have created a SMTP credentials on aws and I have assigned the main company email to that source. It however only has three locations, west US, east US, and EU. Since we live in Canada I figured US west would be the best one. This means that the host is email-smtp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com. The aws system requires a few things to run properly. Firstly it needs to use port 587 as Amazon cuts off all communication through email on port 25. Second, it requires the use of Transport Layer Security. Now there is also the filemaker side. in filemaker server admin one can go to general settings and under email notifications one can find the SMTP information. Here One can fill in all of the information that Amazon requires. I used the Amazon host as the SMTP server address, filled in 587 in the port, tried both forms of SMTP Authentication, checked the use transport layer security and filled in both the credentials for reaching the host, or endpoint then I hit the test SMTP settings… button. This unfortunately always said the same thing: SMTP test failed, check your settings or email. IN the activity log this recorded as email notification to administrators failed:1506. When I looked this up on the internet the best answer i could find indicated that this meant that something was going wrong externally from file maker and this represented a generic error that the email did not go through. So far the emails do not work despite seemingly having all the proper information.

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2 thoughts on “What I learned about SMTP for Filemaker and AWS

  1. Has this been answered? We are trying to find the correct settings for AWS SMTP and Filemaker. Cannot seem to find the right combo yet.


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