Getting an IIS website ready

James’ updated instructions for dealing with a new website with IIS


******Possible troubleshooting

  • it is possible that IIS manager may create the pool application for you; if it does it is possible that it may create this in version 2.0 of .NetFramework. Instead make this version 4

– Websiite
– install IIS
– make a dir c:\inetpub/wwwroot/fabchoice/showSsImages
– the website root is c:\inetpub/wwwroot/fabchoice and the app is showSsImages now slide this into root.
– change default website to port 81 to make room for our new service
– enable directory browsing in iis manager. This can allow you to test, but this has to be disabled later.
– if you suspect someone is already using port 80 – you can make OUR items appear on port 81 then
– make new website Fabchoice
– add an app of the showSsImages
– make an app pool ‘fabchoice’ and have run as appoolidentity
– set and recurse permissions for IIS_IUSRS and NETWORK SERVICE for the files including and beneath
i) c:\inetpub/wwwroot/fabchoice
ii) your SsData directory (often this is c:\SsData – but it could be anywhere depending on your client)
iii) full permissions for this user on the webroot\showSsImages\SSImageCache

– ensure that the SS large data store has IIS_IUSRS and NETWORK SERVICE as full write permissions – most likely on need read

– install IIS – might need to reinstall it and re-register ASPX 4.0 it… as per
– install viewer
– SS password for sa is Sunrise1 normally or Slabsmith1 is an alternative
– at Blasius – I had thFabchoiceis error “
Handler “PageHandlerFactory-Integrated” has a bad module “ManagedPipelineHandler” in its module list
” and this fixed it
At Blasius – there were no locations. So – until this is addressed – we need to add one time and click ‘apply’. Call it test


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