FW: VBA and JSON – is it worth it? XML vs JSON

It seems we have to turn on a reference to a Library of some sort. XML is a standard that works and is established. I am obsessed with Dictionaries so I always have to reference c:WindowsSystem32scrrun.dll (Microsoft Scripting Library). Over the years, updates etc are different from computer to computer – so the question is – Angular etc. use JSON services which are SOOOO easy to generate – but is VBA keeping up? It might. Lets take a look at some research ·

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Configure Access to SourceTree to Gitorious Source Control


  • SourceTree is a visual client to a git-style source control repository for Windows (in this example) and Mac-OS-X.
  • Gitorious is a wiki/git-style web based file browser and repo setup system like github – except YOU run it.  It is delivered as standalone computer (Virtual Machine) that hosts a git server and wiki all in one. The wiki is integrated into the project. My good buddy at Geek Inc. delivered this all on a 4GB stick which had a VMWare AND a VirtualBox version of it and then he and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks Ben.
  • IMPORTANT – EVERYONE ELSE CAN VIEW PROJECTS PUBLICLY WITHOUT WRITE ACCESS (awesome!) – meaning they don’t have to know git – just send them links to the relevant directories or files AS A WEB LINK – they don’t have control over your files since the files are stored on the Virtual Machine’s internal directory structure. They can make their own accounts – but the admin determines who is on what team for write to the repository. THAT WAS THE GOAL
  • Ideally there Continue reading
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I love this mouse clicking tool – its scriptable – AutoHotKey

I want to give a plug to these guys since it is open source and it works. This tool works well and is programmable. Don’t forget to add delays in between your commands when necessary.

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