How to send emails from iOS devices from the one you want

The service providers and even the Applestore do not know the simple art of setting up an email account NOT as an iCloud account or provider account. It is simple to do knowing a few basics of what you can do. A lot of us have our own domain names or preferred email accounts that we want to send “from” and appear as to others. It keeps things cohesive and flexible to change if that service provider is not a preferred one. I do this for all my customers and it takes about a minute longer.

First, use only the services you need to to get the job done. If you are setting up Gmail – then do NOT click on new account and choose the Gmail Type – choose other and type in the details the long way. THEN turn off every service except email for this new account and turn OFF email for the iCloud but leave all the other services like notes, etc. See? Substitute only the service you replacing – not all the services with this new other type account.

  • your name as you want it to appear
  • your email address – any email address
  • incoming server is
    • type in your full username and password as directed by the service you want to use – so google the settings for … telus or shaw or gmail.
  • outgoing server is
    • again you have to do some googling for settings but it is usually the same as your incoming server
  • if you want you can use an existing smtp setup that you know already works. I have set up a special email account for outgoing mail only – so I would use that smtp server on ALL my email accounts set up on my iDevice once I have the basics setup

When you send mail make sure it works over wifi and 3G/4G so that you won’t get to a friends house and cannot send things until you get back to home or work.

Make sure your ‘default account’ for sending is the one you want. When you add new accounts, the new one might take over and you might not want this to happen.

Would you like ONLY calendar info then from gmail? Simply choose to add a gmail the simple way – but because we set up email independently using the new other account type – be sure to turn OFF mail on the gmail account.

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