ELBSolutions.com Inc. is passionate for over 20 years in ensuring that you are doing what you should be doing in business – not what technology forces you to have to do. I consider myself a parter with businesses that we work with to accomplish more that though possible.

We break down barriers such as time suckers (paperwork, computer interconnections) and the like and use people for what they were meant for – their ability to think abstractly and get the big picture accomplished while allowing technology and/or staff to do the least amount of repetitive busy work. This usually results in more business and staff never get let go as a result – they can move on to helping the business grow. Spare time means doing more important things for both you and your staff.

The background initially was 1 hardware developer getting very drained with repetative work that seemed to never have an end. There was increasing pressures to get over 150 circuit boards created each with dozens of flavours yet to be created – a huge bottleneck and the vision of a very unhappy employee doing the same boring job over and over. Automation was born with …

  • automating getting the test results and equipment (Labview)
    • even equipement that had no native automation was automated
  • automating the test results that came in TOO fast now – excel macro mania – which was later adopted by other departments
  • design iterations were then deemed ‘too slow’ – so all the calcs and weeding out of poor scenarios in favour of the best was automated (Excel and MathCad integration)
  • Result distribution was too slow – so the collection and sending of results was automated over email systems and databases

In 2004 – I put up my hand for a package and was blessed to receive one which I didn’t think would happen with people with a work ethic. I started my own business and helped customers with online paperwork systems back when it was a fairly new concept for small business. This required knowledge of databases, web site development etc. Work had previously been done with automating a children’s club administration system since 1998 as the volunteers never got the paper work done! Well now they could do it at home or online before the evening was out – it was getting done finally. Other customers were now benefiting from this gained knowledge.

In 2006-2010 I worked as a children’s coordinator for a non-profit organization. This meant ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ for many systems like

  • website setup
  • website content (cms systems like Joomla, WordPress)
  • sermon uploads (rss, applescripting audio conversion, tying web systems together)
  • computer repair for both Windows and Mac
  • lighting via dmx, custom solutions
  • custom databases (MySQL, Filemaker, MS Access, integrating custom solutions)

There was little money to hire so all paperwork and inventory systems were automated. Ideas like

  • main database was tailored to the way they worked
  • volunteer coordination was a 1/2 hour exercise and the system spoon fed the contact details and methods. High touch for volunteers – – high effectiveness – low effort.
  • Google plotting of households for strategic growth was accomplished
  • check in systems was effective, easy and for the teens – fun to learn and use
    • alerts were being done with very low cost technology – the cell phones of the end users!
  • security via ip-cameras is now a reality even to hand held devices
  • Multimedia “talking tree” classroom coordination software was fun an interactive for teaching preschoolers in a fashion that was right for them and the volunteers who were not necessarily teachers – but would now help as classroom moms and dads

Since 2006, the health industry’s productivity did not mean layoffs, just more throughput and their customers having all their records properly tucked away and collated into meaningful summaries that helped direct the business and more profits for record keeping. Record keeping, processes and bookings were being done more effectively than ever before.

In 2010 – development in screen-development for SCADA (OASys 7.5) systems meant that the company could again hire $20/hour people instead of the high rates that programmers charge. All this due to new software engines and design methods developed by ELBSolutions.com Inc.

Data collection is not always available in straightforward methods – so web scraping was taken to a new level with redundancy, checking and double checking with two systems taking on the load with Windows and Linux web scraping tools. Gigabytes of historical data are collected on a monthly basis, summaries and dashboards developed for the end customer to view.

Over the years, numerous platforms have been integrated and programmed. Notably, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Web, Linux and MS Office (it is a platform of its own) and dozens of hardware measurement and development tools.

The breadth of experience positions ELBSolutions.com Inc. to be a great asset to your business. Many of the customers I started out with are still clients to this day.

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    • I can point you in the correct direction. I would suggest calling our local Bentley representative in Calgary. The number is listed at this site: http://www.bentley.com/en-US/Corporate/Contact+Us/Local+Offices.htm – scroll down to “Canada” or search “Calgary” on that page (Ctrl – F to find something on a page on windows computers or command-f on a mac)

      Where I can offer training is how the whole underlying system works at the “gears” level. I can extract all sorts of things out of the models, database, setup etc. in order for a custom report to be generated automagically pointing to potential issues etc. I am a software engineer that glues systems together and AutoPLANT is the hub of this current project for material take offs or bill of materials, accountability reports etc.

  1. Hello,
    Your justUseFilename scraper is great and I thank you for it. I have looked at the files and tried to find a way to implement it for TVshows too but I can’t figure it out. Is there a way to do this?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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