Upload Keynote to WordPress Example (Nevada and Idaho 2017)

Click Continue Reading for … welll more on how to do it. It takes about 5 minutes once you have done it once. Continue reading

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Signing .net VS Manifests driving me nuts. Finally a solution.

This worked for me finally. https://stackoverflow.com/a/8341110

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Planning a rafting trip – not technical but lets not lose the details

There are so many little steps to keep people safe etc. that I didn’t want to lose sight of theses instructions. Also- it is very  useful for others to know. So, whey not blog here about it and help others along. This was made withe  good advise of tall the moms and dads on the trip and one of them is a rafting enthusiast 🙂


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VBA Selection Set optimization

For some reason, I have never really understood the whole filtered selection sets – it was actually some syntax issues. If you don’t pass the correct types into SS.Select … things go very wrong. Here is some code that works.  Note that ClearSelectionSet merely pre-deletes the named selection set. A useful links to shed some light on dxf codes is here. Here is the main article that solved my dilemna, I copied and pasted it and it worked – why didn’t mine? Not sure – need to get on with life. 🙂 . Continue reading

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