Creating a Service in C# with visual Studio

So you want to create a service in C#? well look no further. This article is amazing and will take you through each step clearly and let you know how to make the service. Highly recommend for creating services in the future.

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James’ Error codes

The following are Error codes used by James’ programs across platforms:

/// Error Code SE-JEHG-0001 = Programer needs to implement XLVBAInitializer method before running code.
/// Error Code SE-JEHG-0002 = User did not provide a destination for StackEm.
/// Error Code SE-JEHG-0003 = VBA constructed name for destination of stackem is invalid

This list is in progress.

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Daily Dose of Fiber to Keep your Internet Regular

So you want really fast internet in the calgary area? Well let me do the leg work for you! These websites offer down and up of at least 150mbs and fiber cables.

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Finally – I found how to get the version number of the dll

It has been a mystery on how to get the version number that is in Visual Studio (eg to show. Now I can use a default method to go and get that or have a “version” method in everything that I build. For now, I have a VBA way of getting it. I would prefer to make a method in the c# class called “version” and put it in all my products – that way if I make .version() exposed to the COM/VBA world, I can still get it from VBA. Here is something I found which will do the trick in c#.

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Fighting to get a COM visible VSTO Addin so its method can be used by VBA

So I am having some troubles and am learning too much about old technology. In short – my interface is COM visible to my VBA in my Excel code, but not the class. Crap – add the word public in front of class – fixed it. None-the-less here is a blog of what helped me solve my issue. I WANT (insist) early binding (aka intellisense 🙂 ) (Something close to my issue). Want to know even more … look at the links at the bottom of this article.

First – set up things properly.

  • Have a GUID for the interface IMyInterface and on the class MyClassO
  • Have the dual interface turned on on the interface and class

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