The New Office Add-in helpful links

After researching and finding some good information on the new office add-in I have found the following links that will help anyone in designing them:

Build your first excel add-in

Excel JavaScript API

Excel JavaScript API in detail

VSTO vs JavaScript API

Office UI Fabric

GitHub Library of Office UI Fabric with coding examples

Inserting Images Word Only

Other options with JavaScript API for Word only

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How to deal with files with a name longer than 259 characters?


The fileinfo class that is the standard class to use for getting fullname of a file will produce an error when the path is too long. This is a path that windows allows but the class can’t handle the error. More on the subject is described here.

After much research I installed the nuget package ZetaLong Paths. Just searched for it and chose the appropriate file as shown below.

The article that pointed me to the solution can be found here. It also lays out some alternative methods.

After I installed the package I was able to use fileinfo methods such as fullname without any path too long error. Just change fileinfo to ZpFileInfo for methods using fileinfo.

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Configuring and getting an RDS SQL Server dB from local to AWS – what a pain

The documentation is sooo not complete at AWS to get a dB restored from local to the AWS server. The error I had when i ran the stored proc (below) was “Database backup/restore option is not enabled yet or is in the process of being enabled. Please try again later.These guys got me started, but I was still a long way off, this guy finished the missing link. The instructions below hopefully will help. I wished I would have recorded this but .. this article is my best memory of how I solved it.

Connecting was mental too – I added a firewall rule – but adding to the default one was the trick that made it work. Now, after doing all this, I see why – you have to make “groups” of this or that and then apply those groups. That is the key to making things work on RDS. Continue reading

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Access Sharepoint folder as a unc for automated file add

UNC Path Naming for files stored on SharePoint

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Update a Visual Studio Project After Installing it using Windows Installer Method

You have to configure two items in the installer as described below:

  1. Increase the Product Version number under General Information and then create a Upgrade Path if not done already.
  2. Change the Product Code.

Now you can do the following steps below.

In order to update a project after it has been installed follow the procedure below:

  1. Make changes in the project, test, and build
  2. Install using the setup.exe
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Choose SQL Cloud Service

UPDATE POST RDS trial: OH NO: RDS has no sysadmin rights and the app I need has Stored Procs that need that. So I installed an EC2 instance which is a fancy way of saying “got a computer up and running, logging into it using RDP and installing my own SQL express”. Gee I could have done that in the first place 🙂 Alas. BUT … a super cool article with how-to’s for both RDS and EC2 setup. A CLI is also avail. Firewall calc.

After doing some digging, AWS is likely a good value for a SQL server. It is called AWS RDS. It can be sized and all sorts of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server etc) can be chosen and the power of the machine and file size can be chosen. $20-$100 for 20GB of space. But that is not all you have to think of when sizing up the machine. Here is an RDS matrix.

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Cloud Sync and Storage … where to begin

Google of course. Here are the links that turned up. I am looking for 500GB – 1TB for a customer.


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System Software Requirements InstallSheild

When creating an installshield project in visual studio you may want to have a requirement that another visual studio project must be installed. Since the other installshield project has specific registry entries specified, you can define this requirement under the section “5. Define Setup Requirements and Actions > Requirements”. Make sure when you create this requirement to specify the value. Without it it will use default which is typically null. It is also described in detail here.

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Type library exporter encountered generic type Error Meaning

When building my VSTO project I got the following error: ”
Warning Type library exporter warning processing ‘HplAddinAGSL.Agslo.GetFilesToOpen(#0), HplAddinAGSL’. Warning: Type library exporter encountered a generic type instance in a signature. Generic code may not be exported to COM. AGSLo ”

This stems making the VSTO COM visible and the type being using for this function was from systems.collection. In the function with the error I am using List<string> which may not be exported to COM. More research is needed at this point to correct the warning.

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How to register your tlb file for VBA use on a destination machine AND have VSTO running. SUCCESS.

It took HOURs to figure all this out and the answer!? (see older post) The issue that we are having is that  the VSTO would work initated from the ribbon, but the VBA when you added a “reference” to the .tlb file would tell you that it could not create an ActiveX object or other message saying “what!?”. Solution:  to run from the command line:  

regasm /codebase &amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;pathToMyDll&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; /tlb:&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;pathToMyTlb&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

But that command too could not “just run”. Here is a guy doing the exact same thing as me, except I found this article last – or at least I stopped looking. It is the key. Making VSTO things and wanting to use them in the “old world” and the new. This confirms all I have learned. Lots of links at the bottom about CLSID’s, regasm etc. COM====ActiveX in case you run into ActiveX – it is 100% the same. I used RegShot to see the registry items to learn what to google next

Continue reading

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