Disabling the iPhone VoiceOver PERMANANTLY – FOREVER

If you switch apps, and you triple click the home button, this SUPER ANNOYING and loud voice tells you everything about the buttons and icons on your iPhone that are very obvious. Well – that is if you are not visually impaired which is what the feature is intended to assist with. Otherwise, it is annoying and mostly embarrassing when your phone starts talking loudly to you and everyone around you in your office or the dead quiet movie theatre (sorry – yes, I check texts when I am watching movies at the theatre cause it might be my kids phoning).

Here is an article that finally says – turn off every feature and most of all- there is a selection for what the triple click does – that is the key – uncheck all options. Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut >…. turn all those checks off. Goodbye Voice Over On forever. I have been looking for this setting ever since I got my iPhone5s after my 4s and I went swimming together.

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Selenium 101 – where to start to understand web page scraping automation

I am using nodejs as my language, but the examples I was given to hack and understand our project always loaded the Selenium Webdriver. What is this beast? Here is a great starter article to get going. Here is the real McCoy but harder to understand. If you want a click-and-record version like in Excel-VBA – Selenium IDE which is a plug in for Firefox and might be a great option. Continue reading

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xpath find in firefox and chrome

Did you know that you don’t have to use online tools to do xpath on webpages? Chrome has this built in in the developer tools (F12) and Firefox has it in FirePath and Firebug. This is where I found this tip at stack overflow. I was looking for a match for a node name like this.

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