Raspberry PI B+ – entering with trepidation – some 1,2,3’s from a friend

Well, I have made an XBMC plugin and am very familiar with it, but on a raspberry pi? Cool – lets go – but not without talking to a friend who has done this and demoed what he as done. Here is his 1,2,3’s to help get me started – I will share. This is not the newest raspberry pi, because they were all sold out before they were finished being made. This is for the model B+

  1. Get one, I live in Calgary – so here is a local supplier,.an amazon.ca link for Canadians and amazon.com for the rest of you.
  2. This changed since the first post. I need xbmc on my raspberry pi – so follow instructions below. Otherwise Load it with NOOBS load (New out of the box)
  3. Use it … I don’t really have a step 3 but it sounds cool to have 3 steps.
    1. ok – add an xbox controller to the mix. OpenELEC xbox ctrlr discussion

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Computer cleaners recommended by a trusted IT desktop guy

Ccleaner. Whatever Malware Bytes does … it is BEYOND awesome and has saved a lot of people from having to redo their computers. Makes me look like a hero – this is my first choice. When I brought this up with my IT desktop guy – he said ccleaner is great. He uses it from his USB stick. PAY THE $$ for Malware bytes. It is NOT an antivirus – it is just plain awesome.

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A blog like mine but for Sharepoint … odds and sods


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Make time machine on AFP or NAS volume for Yosemite

Lets keep it simple .. click here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/turn-nas-windows-share-time-machine-backup/

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Ping every IP in a subnet to find that ‘one that got away’ (DOS)

First, I didn’t need to find this – I blogged a javascript version long ago, but I forgot I blogged it. I thought it was pre-blogging.  Here is a DOS version too. Someone complained it was slow, but copy, paste into notepad, change the line below “Please enter IP address range (for example, 192.168.0)” (remove the /p) and run it. Answer in less that 3 minutes. Here it is. http://superuser.com/questions/45687/how-can-i-ping-a-range-of-ip-addresses-simultaneously

I did change a couple other lines cause I wanted to see the results – not just look in the created file. Change the 2 lines into 4 …

IF %errorlevel%==0 echo %subnet%.%count% UP >> c:\pingnet.log
IF %errorlevel%==0 echo %subnet%.%count% UP
IF %errorlevel%==1 echo %subnet%.%count% DOWN >> c:\pingnet.log
IF %errorlevel%==1 echo %subnet%.%count% DOWN

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Enable screensaver and default logon domain via Group Policy Object (GPO)

Lets keep it simple. Here is the link. This is related to another article I outined enabling Folder Redirection and setting environment variables via GPO (also in that article).

Also – the default login domain isn’t consistent – it needs to be for the users. Since I had to use the local computer name as the domain for administrative reasons during the initial joining of the domain – but it doesn’t stick and I don’t want to have to train users how to enter the domain name each time (why should they – their job is their job – not learning complex IT stuff). So lets make this more “mac-like”. Follow this article.

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How to setup a successful roaming profile and folder redirection

So I have this blog that is supposed to help me find bookmarks for past projects so I can redo stuff quickly – but it only works if you use it. I didn’t and I had to relearn the steps WHICH DID NOT WORK. So luckily – the history of the machine where I did it still had all the links. Here are the pages that worked. When I figure out what is different between the one that worked that the one that didn’t I will re-blog it in this article. Here is a dump of the links that worked. At the bottom was the one that didn’t [UPDATE: It did work – the GPO settings didn’t save – that was the root cause] –  but I didn’t follow it to a T because I didn’t want some of those features (they were optional .. or were they) . So – like a mac, there is no save button – but the setting’s didn’t take for some reason. So – never assume it took – double check. I also found 10 reasons GPO fails – mine was reason#11 – “it didn’t save”. I had 2 of them today that did this on Server 2012 – but i know to hit F5 to refresh the summary page now to see if it took. Continue reading

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A good tool to understand / debug dns

I got this from networksolutions.com helpdesk. If they use it, I will use it. http://mxtoolbox.com/#

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