TestDisk – I don’t know what it does different but it is THE ONLY software that could rescue my drive

So, all other tools failed (paid or not). This one was free – I totally forgot to donate to this guy – but I just did it . What reminded me was that I have a friend who’s drive just failed and he MIGHT have it all backed up – so rather than fight – where will I start? With TestDisk from CgSecurity.org . THANKS CHRISTOPHE GRENIER – YOU ARE ONE OF MY HEROS!!!  So many tools didn’t work – Christophe’s TestDisk did. Continue reading

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Autoresize in iOS – better get used to it. Here is a primer

It is a huge pain in the neck. At least you can see your effects in the preview window. You had better get used to it all because as one author said – who knows what other screen sizes Apple will throw our way. Now everything is relative to everything else, but getting this and that all set … whoa. Primer is here.

Many frustrations. This adds even more insight of those odd little “installed” items at bottom of the Attribute Inspector. Continue reading

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Excel Add-in (VSTO) using Visual Studio Community 2015 – a few hitches to get around

Well, this is exciting because I have for years always wanted to use Visual Studio to build my apps in Excel. I am using Office 2010 (my client uses 2010) I am beyond a VBA junkie and there is little or nothing I can’t do. However being able to add to a .net class etc. has always been missing. Also I wanted to see how hard it is or not to develop in VS. Using the VBA editor and being able to debug on the fly saves SOOOO much time. But long macros TAKE SOOOOO much time to. Can things be sped up? Is it that hard to edit/debug? I never knew – now I will. The template for VS 2015 Office apps is meant for Office 2013+ but I got it to work for 2010 – see the humorous adventure below.

Here are some tips along the way ( I have had some snags already – hence this post)… Continue reading

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FW: VBA and JSON – is it worth it? XML vs JSON

It seems we have to turn on a reference to a Library of some sort. XML is a standard that works and is established. I am obsessed with Dictionaries so I always have to reference c:WindowsSystem32scrrun.dll (Microsoft Scripting Library). Over the years, updates etc are different from computer to computer – so the question is – Angular etc. use JSON services which are SOOOO easy to generate – but is VBA keeping up? It might. Lets take a look at some research ·

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Quickbooks mulit-user mode service QuickbooksDB23 stopped? (again)?

OK – so the solution is to “start the stopped service”. Well – I know that – but why is it stopped and better yet – after a re-boot – when it is marked as “Startup:Automatic” why does it not start? Simple – when all other services work properly – it is a Quickbooks or Intuit bug. Simple.

But – the answer everywhere on the net is “just start it”. There is a good write up if you are using single mode vs. a copy on the server running it too – but nothing helpful as to “why doesn’t it just work”. I will add a part later on that has a remotely start-able shortcut for my customers. More to come after I develop it. For now, your customers will have to call you and ask “why can’t I open it in multi-user mode”.

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Filemaker Server on Windows 10 nightmare – solved

This helped get things to install. Now the Admin console won’t go past “Type”. It jumps back to the beginning step of the admin console.

Links so far..(with no success)

Oh for pete’s sake. Don’t use Microsoft Edge (the default web browser) for the console. It doesn’t install or if it does, it does not proceed past Type to Summary. There is a shortcut  that uses the OLD I.E. browser created by the install under “Start->All Apps->Filemakaer Server..”. Use it or go directly to https://localhost:160001 (or whatever server your installation is on). I did NOT use the default IIS ports.

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Can’t wait for Google SEO to kick in? Highjack another site’s code and make it happen

I have 2 clients now that used to be one. The preschool is new and the community centre it is located in also is my client. So – all the major listing sites like yellow pages and the local provincial (state) sites come up 1st and second in a google search. Those listing say deerruncalgary.com as the website for both the centre and the preschool. So – with some simple php, here is how to make the preschool forward to the preschool site when the centre’s website is clicked on from yellow pages and the like … Continue reading

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