Make your IIS website use https or SSL on an alternate port

Here are the main items you need to know:

  1. set up your new site, adjust NTFS security settings on the directory for the app pool you are using
  2. install self-signed certificate – I am using 7.5 – so it is SUPER easy (yes – something in IIS is easy)
    1. if you are installing a real certificate – use this link
  3. adjust bindings on your new site and use a new port (click on site, then on the far right – click bindings and
    1. add a new https with the new port and …
    2. use your new SSL certificate on the new port you are binding
  4. reconfigure your router to point your new SSL/secure port for external access
  5. Use a redirect or two to get http traffic to your new https address and port


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Resetting Text-To-Column Delimeters via VBA – no you cannot check what currently is

ARRRGGG!! Another 1/2 hour is wasted. How many times have us VBA’ers did a paste and then realized the paste split the columns for us – using commas – but then the data gets all wonky on columns that are  off the page so-to-speak. So – how do we reset the paste parameters to the proper values before we begin – well you to fake a Text-To-Columns on a new sheet or fake cell – then do a paste. It is really annoying. A quick google showed others are quite annoyed to. Why can’t we check what the parameters are currently? When I find out – I will post them here. In the mean time, follow this guys advice.

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Annoying VBA popup – how to avoid the ActiveX Control Warning

When I, and others,  open my Excel VBA toolbox of macros – a message saying ” <<details to come>> you are about to open an ActiveX control. Are you sure … or something” appears. Here is the solution – you need to sign the macro with a certificate. Really this inflates people’s heads because we are doing something advanced – but really – it just annoys me as it is just a lot of extra work for me. I hope this helps others.

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