Make a new AutoPLANT project on a database that is on a diff domain

This database is ONLY to be used by Electrical so that any things we do only hoses us.

Make a new database. Now  the way to use SQL Server to log into a dB on another machine is to use the more complicated name for the database. myServerName.myDomainName.myDomainNameSuffix. Here is an example. Continue reading

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Roles and Memerships now use ASP.NET Identity – here are the basics

First a question: Could this be made more difficult? I switched from VS 2012 to VS 2013 and the new system uses a whole different authentication engine. Once you get your head wrapped around roles and users in the new system it works the same for the individual web.config files in the directories to limit who can do what etc. We edit tables now and no longer use the web configurator tool. To just get going … look at the article with the *** below or click “here”.

ASP.Net Identity introductions

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