Excel copy parses data incorrectly – how to pre-clear

Here is a good post that accurately resets what Excel parses on when you paste text. I have known for a long long time, that the LAST text-to-columns settings is what is used when one pastes data into excel, but I thought I would see (I finally snapped for the last time) what other people did. Well, it is a macro of what I always do by hand – a fake text to columns that sets things in prep for the real one. My issues is that I have all sorts of macros that could set this here or there depending on the last one I ran. Thanks for the post!


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Removing duplicates rows in SQL and keeping the last one

Here is a good article with many links and debates. I have used the “accepted” answer and gotten 95% accurate results – so why not 100%? I have not solved that one. I am trying the 2nd answer which in the efficiency graph gives better results.


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Live Dashboards in Excel – from a good friend who did all the research

Here is a nugget – a friend of mine made a dashboard with no VBA where the user IN EXCEL – pulls down a dynamic value to … lets say “may 2015” and the charts etc. update. One could do this in VBA, but, you don’t have to. I thought it was worth saving/sharing the link.

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PDF learning

I have a client who wants some PDFs messed with. To do so, layers need to be split and recompiled. Here are links that will help me

  1. decide which SDK to use
  2. how to … well … do it.


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