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Video on deploying nodejs to prod. servers.

10 top mistakes nodejs newbie’s make

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Installing nodejs on Mac os X


  • download and run the nodejs installer
  • the completion/summary screen suggests one check the path
  • make a directory ANYWHERE YOU WANT. I called mine helloword_server.js. Then call it from the command line like #node /mypath/github_repo_of_mine/helloworld_server.js
    • Then it tells you what web address and port to point to and …
    • on http://localhost:1337 … IT WORKS!

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Reducing bandwidth on your website

So recently I have been getting bandwidth warnings on two of my top reaching websites. Why? Well, it is because of WordPress plug ins. Not all are optimized and not all features are enabled on the websites that could make them optimal. So lets find out what can help. Continue reading

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How to integrate Unifi AP’s with a pfSense router with a VLAN for a guest network

Well, in my last article where I discuss why I am trying out 2 new AP’s by Unifi, it was discovered that they are … I think perfect. I am going to let them soak for a while and see how iOS devices hand off when walking across the building. But for now, they are great to configure.

I had to do a little fiddling with the pfSense box and learn new stuff again, but it all seems to work. I think I love pfSense [UPDATE Fall 2015 – no I REALLY LOVE pfSense].

In short – how to get the Unifi boxes to work with the main and guest networks by using a VLAN and how to route that traffic. This is for a church where on Sundays – hundreds of people come – so we need lots of guest IP addresses. Here we go… Continue reading

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Unifi Access Point – is this the answer to an enterprise-like wifi system?

unifwifiSo I have been on the hunt for a wifi system that would auto-transfer devices from one Access Point (AP) to another. Due to an issue that Apple has not fixed (and seemingly will not fix) is auto-transferring clients from one to another.

Is Unifi AP long-distance the answer? I will find out and post the results here once I have tried it out.

UPDATE: YES – BUY THESE. THEY ARE AWESOME (and why not a 3 pack!). They have guest Wifi (with ability to join a VLAN) and normal modes. They are easy to configure – real easy. See my next article to know how to use them with a pfSense router with a VLAN for a guest network.

[UPDATE Fall 2015: Important anti-frustration tips at bottom of my other article … I have installed 3 customers with these units and STILL love it … just follow those updates’ advise.]   Continue reading

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open VPN and other VPN links on pfSense

This guy rocks. Also – you have to add a route on the bottom of the “other” part of the setup if you wish to see all the computers on the other side of the vpn.

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Guest Wifi on pfSense – how to

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The easy for-sure soekris net5501-70 pfsense install instructions – let me help you not to have to rip out your hair

[UPDATE: Version 2.1.5. vs 2.2.2 sent me for another tailspin – be warned. This is why swear words were invented I think – but I was victorious. Read below for the differences.]

This was a bit of a nightmare but I finally figured it out. This version of this article is after I have ordered 2 of these. I know the benefits were huge of getting this as I have a very trusted friend install these at many places that I also do work for (he is the IT desktop guru, I am the IT bus. automation/database application guy. I have installed vpn software on them etc. I have a client who I said – “no problem – I will get you the best most configurable router possible” … but to my chagrin – lots of re-learning from ages past. Serial communication instead of a VGA … oh my. Lots of plugging in the usb, unplugging the soekris board and plugging things back in in the right order. If this helps you – please leave a comment.

Let me help you not to have to rip all your hair out. Many little hints from online, my friend who lives quite far from me who wasn’t available at the same times I was etc. and trial and error. Here we go …. Continue reading

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Once again – reverse eng. & following Bentley AutoPLANT menu items all the way through to SPECKEY.ini

I wrote this article, as I again had to figure this out from scratch and it is my 10th time doing so. I did pretty good this time – it usually takes longer. Anyways, if it helps anyone out there or me in the future – it was worth it.

In AutoPLANT / AutoCAD,

  • Place a component.
  • Press the up arrow to see what command that was (A) AT_INSTRIND
  • Click on Tools->Customize User Interface. Look under partial Customization files and note locations. I think we need the at_elect.cuix file (this is a binary file). It, in our case is here c:\programdata\bentley\plant v8i\elect\. Here you will see a .mnl file with the same name. Open it and search to see what (A) really does. Record this as Continue reading
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Showing images using data url scheme from file outside webroot

It is security by obscurity. At least the user cannot share a link to the image. I have not done this yet, but these 2 articles should link together nicely and provide a solutions. I will update once it is complete. (the ReadAllBytes section)

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