Adding a splash or landing page to your wifi – dd-wrt

I have a customer who wanted help with getting a landing page onto their wi-fi. Now Coova networks has some solutions and pay-per-month services exist where users can log in exchange for making an account do exist. A link and name is needed but there is also Wifi Dog which is an open source project that does something like this as well.

I found this goldmine article from for the latest dd-wrt compatible router recommendations and they seem like they have great customer service. I am trying to find an excuse to buy from them just for that reason. For a simple splash page, I have found that many people recommended a plug in for dd-wrt called NoCatSplash – but if the router where NoCatSplash is installed is not controling the DHCP (Windows recommended best practices) then that feature is disabled. Well, that was my intent – however one could install it as a router within the LAN network. Lets keep looking around. has a solution that is used with Coova enabled routers for a splash page as well.

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Specification Generator or Spec Gen Talk about Sys IDs

A Bentley article that talks about components not getting updated with Spec Gen and how the sysId plays into this. It is a great discussion about how sysId’s are generated used and how they affect things. There are links that take the discussion further and show more insight in how Bentley’s system was created in order to do customization.

Before I gave some catalogs to the Spec Integration team, I had to regenerate the system IDs. WHat happens if you don’t? It deletes the duplicates – so poof – a whole bunch of specs could disappear on a copy/paste. So it is important to change a column that affects the SYS id which is listed in the MDB file under the DefaultSysIDs table. Note that Short in once counted and Long Descriptions on both did not count. Use the tool under the File Menu of the Specification Generator to randomize these values for you. It can be run on Catalogs and/or Specs at the same time.



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