Report Services SSRS duplicates last row group and rows when exported to Excel – and only an excel import – a “feature” says Microsoft

Microsoft Calls it “by design” or a feature – most others would call it a bug. To keep things simple, if a group is added – it adds a row AND a column. In the current version (which is not accurate) when it is exported to Excel -the last row keeps getting duplicated making the Excel export NOT the same as the PDF or live report. Keep the group column is the short simple answer! It is a detail row (that is viewed in RowDetails->Advanced) that you might see NEEDS to be there for the excel export to work properly. Bug or not- this version fixes that issue.

The reference is here – the last line has Microsoft admitting that certain conditions must apply. Basicially – its a feature – here is how to fix that feature. 🙂

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Making Paypal easy for WordPress – some options

Here are some links

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Finally – someone from Paypal lists reasons that the credit card option is not always there… and a solution: Payment Pro

Tired of Paypal not showing the credit card option as the only option? Want to present you customers with a credit card screen and not a paypal one so they don’t have to sign up? Here are some reasons, explainations and … at the bottom a solution – Payments Pro – which is not free.

Other options are (unresearched)


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Excel reading / writing using aspx

Lots of work has been done reading and writing to excel. Here are the links that were used to figure it out various parts.

To make things easy when possible, uploading and downloading csv files with an Excel header.

I wish I had the code from another project – but back to Google to re-figure it all out again – this is the old style Excel, not the new .xlsx xml version so using the Excel api is important to (re)understand

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