Bentley Search Path for .ebs files

When I was making new components from scratch, I made an error in the search path and got an error popup – but it revealed something I suspected – an object oriented structure of Bentley where you could override and add classes and associated files – in this case .ebs files. This lists the search paths it uses for finding ebs files. Interestingly, it FIRST searches a directory with the same name as the spec IN THE SPECS directory. This means … that if you have ebs files you can have them travel with the spec independent of the project.

In the context I am working with – I was told – no this cannot  be done (even though it clearly can) so rather than change the world leaps at a time, I stayed safe and put things on the CableT\modules directory instead – a leaf in the project because of the people in the project – they are VERY conservative and they don’t delve into this level.

Looking below – we also see that if you have a company wide change for EVERY project – putting it on the c: drive is ok too. DO NOT put it in multiple places because you might drive the following group(s) who use this project insane when they delete functionality and it… it does not disappear!

Search path order:

  • %APPROJDB%\Spec\Mmlights
  • <project dir>\Config\modules\cablet
  • c:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Modules\cablet
  • <project dir>\Config\modules\base
  • c:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Modules\base

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Get Sharepoint List Access from SQL Server

Well, here I go – how to natively (or naively at this point – I just started this) manipulate Sharepoint Lists from SQL Server.

I did it! It is not using a linked server (I will get to the bottom of that though) but using an OPENROWSET works. This means that the user needs to have insert and select privileges – but there is a way around that too – by making a role/user internal to the dB and running the stored proc run (EXECUTE AS) that role/user. To get that to work takes some tinkering – another article will come soon regarding that.

Basically – the onerous method would show that the two statements below work Continue reading

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Open VPN, LT2P/iPSec or PPTN? A look at trying OpenVPN – will it win?

In an attempt to get 2 customers VPN’ed both being non-Profits, I had the privilege of buying a Mac-Mini to replace the Mac G5 they had that already had L2TP/iPSec working already. You turn it on set a password or two, allow the traffic through the firewall and … well it is done (its a Mac- that is why people are obsessed with them) .

The other customer likes Macs now too but their server is a Windows Based one – so now we can start from anywhere. So after a few consultations – it seems PPTP is the easiest to set up and use by everyone, but even MS does not recommend and favours iPSec – it now provides it as a client option natively.

Other questions I had were – do I install it on the server? As an endpoint through a router? As the router? PfSense is a clear winner as a router or endpoint for the price (just buy it preinstalled on an appliance was geek inc’s advice. But I have another close associate that LOVES OpenVPN and has had clients on it for years running successfully. Here is my journey and some GREAT links (remember – that is what this blog is all about – links for you and I to refer to and use)

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Setting up Mac OS X Server as VPN Endpoint – Mavricks Server 10.9


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SBS Wins 2008 installs sharepoint it takes up 20GB even when no one uses it. How to reduce the size of server install.

An SBS server for one of my clients is constantly filling up with IIS logs and now 20GB Sharepoint logs (they don’t use IIS but it was running), update WWUS files for the client computers and share point files (I just found out) and no one uses that either. The drive recommendation at one point in time was 60GB and a good friend of mine who sets up servers recommended this size, set up the server and it has been running for some time now. The is annoyingly the 3rd time I have done drastic steps to reduce the size. Lets see if this one lasts.

Reduce size by:

  • installing apps on another drive (Program Files) upon install
  • turn off IIS logs
  • move your WSUS data to another drive (lots of links for that one on google)
  • move your sharepoint dB files!!!
  • don’t recommend windows without a yearly service agreement if your a consultant or don’t work for non-profits as an IT person if you have a bleeding heart

How I found large files the upshot is the linked article below helped get rid of a 20GB sharepoint log file … Continue reading

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