Reading Access 2010 .mdb files from SQL Server directly

OK, I have already ripped most of my hair out and I DID get it to work with many hours of research and many smart people at the helm online and at my client’s work. This article will save your HOURS I hope. The permissions thing was credit to them. Thanks.

[UPDATE: Feb 2014 – I now used a linked Server to a dB with a password (the with a password is a big deal – googling for a long time finally paid off – whoo hoo it works! See that article too – you will still need this one]

Here are some links I used to get things working. I use the OPENROWSET (see SQL example below) and there are 4 things that are key (this guy saved my bacon so I will link this to give him the most credit). If you have 32 bit office installed on a 64 bit machine etc Continue reading

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Repair Windows 8 for black screen with cursor

This paragraph was written long after the issue was solved. I think the black screen was a 2ndary monitor’s view (but we didn’t have a 2ndary monitor). So – first, ensure you have ONLY a digital cable going from your computer to the monitor OR an analog – not both (first things first). Then, if this does not solve it, hold down the WindowsButtton-P and press the down arrow – does something happen? Is it set to the TOP option of Primary Screen? If a pull-out out showed up change it to Primary Screen (top option) So doing a restore point to before the issue will NOT solve it because updates will overwrite this (plus this was too long ago to do a restore point). Another thing that will solidify this (since an update triggered all of this) is to uninstalling the graphics driver AND all the monitors in your Device Manager (not just disable) and doing a reboot (which will reinstall with the latest drivers) seem to solved it for good. I posted here to so you can read this in context.

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Integrating ASP app – Users and more users, more permissions and 401s

When you integrate a site onto its final server – things with windows get hairy. Here are some notes to get out of trouble

  • seeing a 401 for anonymous user? Are your permissions for IUSR set to read, write, execute (ref)? This is for anonymous user. For a dynamic user, then you have to add permissions for NetworkService (see small note in this reference) (6.1 – or see this article for 7.5). For this, I had an account called (built in account: ApplicationPoolIdentity – this not correct – I will keep digging)
    • you might also require the group IIS_IUSRS to have read, write, execute. It depends on your version of IIS (see this link – this is succinct)
    • ensure BOTH the user accessing the page and the AppPoolIdentity user BOTH have NTFS permissions set to the directory and subsequent web pages (reference) Continue reading
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