Stored Procedures for mySQL – a good start

I have been doing Stored Procedures in Microsoft TSQL but this article is a good starter for mySQL. If you use phpMyAdmin to get this and that accomplished – you can access your procedures given the instructions in this article – you have to have at least one stored proc in order for this link to show up in phpMyAdmin.

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Protecting your Connection Strings – no visible password

It has always bugged me that code contains passwords that are plainly visible. There are ways to encode just the password or the whole connection string.

After some searching, here is a post that talks about encrypting the whole thing – but the last post talks of just encrypting the password (see last entry – at least at the time of writing this post)

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Using ZOHO Creator as a front end to ZOHO Reports

Well, it seems that ZOHO Creator has come a ways since last winter. I abandoned using ZOHO Creator which REALLY will someday give Filemaker a run for its money. It is BEYOND incredible what ZOHO has done with their database tool REPORTS which blows MS Access out of the water – and it is web based natively. I am also beyond impressed with their Spreadsheet tool (which has VBA in it – and it works!) and their inter-operability with their own platforms and other people’s platforms.

BUT – it seems that I should re-try ZOHO Creator as a front end to their reports database tables. Lets give it a go – follow along – it is Dec 13th 2013 so this blog article might take a week or so to settle down. Here goes … Continue reading

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