Relocate WordPress website or folder – straightforward text edits will not do it – tools are required

I found a great article and tool to get started, but it took many attempts to finally move or relocate WordPress website or folder from to the almost final position of . Since it was quite frustrating, I thought I would blog about it for other people who can benefit. Steps were:

  1. get temp website running moved over to final home (from to its temporary home before DNS change over)
  2. switch website completely to another (DNS change) and
  3. finalize the website at it’s new home in proper place (proper www address).  but the address will be – but the files in 2. are in the correct spot already.

With these ideas, I hope you can move your site over as well. Read the comments in the article by Rachel below – I think there are some even easier tools, but this one has some plugins and a theme that made this a bit of a pain.

If there is a typo, please comment so others can benefit from the corrections. It takes a second 🙂 Good luck.

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