Text Sort Plugin for Notepad++

We all know- or you should – how cool Notepad++ is for getting work done. If you want a quick “sort text” function without using Excel (cause excel parses based on your last text import/delimit function) – TextFx is a plugin that gets it doneĀ . To save my typing and to give proper credit for the person who helped me – click here.

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Working with the Bentley Project Database and its effect on Update from spec

Adding new fields to the database

Adding new fields to the database is useful in cases were you more information about a component, but there is no corrosponding field in the database to the one in the specs.

If you know where your database is you can skip the firstĀ 3 steps> To create a new field in the database:

  1. Open the “Bentley Project Administrator”. Continue reading
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