Setting up ASP.NET and SQL Server – frustrating windows security

Sucking Access files into SQL Server… Setup steps:

Now I am getting the error: The database owner SID recorded in the master database differs from the database owner SID recorded in database ‘proSteelMtoPartsList’. You should correct this situation by resetting the owner of database ‘proSteelMtoPartsList’ using the ALTER AUTHORIZATION statement.

It COULD be the user- but look around first on your database properties (right mouse click). I followed these links and REALLY messed things up but with some quicky DROP and CREATE TO scripts, I had another one going in no time. DO NOT do the steps in these links unless they WILL help, but they help with understanding and figuring out current settings. I did NOT restore from a backup – so that is why I should NOT have followed the steps. Never set the owner to sa either unless you have access to that account AND you have taken your account off of the dbo member list.

This person has some GREAT explanations:

What it turned out to be is a couple of things – like the trustworthy – should have been run and to NOT use the statement in the stored procedure – however, this DID fix a problem on another database

  • execute as user=’DOMAIN\my.username’ – which I used for
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Annotation in AutoPlant

This is the process I used to find out how the annotation Instrument Balloons function works:

  1. started by opening tools->customize->interface to find the function name for the menu button “Instrument Balloons…”. I found the function “AT_Annot_InstrBubble” was accociated with the menu button.
  2. After searching for the function I found it in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Plant V8i\elect\at_elect.mnl, which is a LISP file, the function was contained within lines such as “Line 473: (defun c:AT_Annot_InstrBubble_T1   ()  (at_Piping_annotateComponent “InstrumentBubble_T1″)  (princ))”.
  3. By searching for “InstrumentBubble_T1” I was able to find the file annotate.ini under C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Config\metric\piping (metric is unit system your drawings are set in, can also be imperial or mmetric), this ini file contained the classes for “InstrumentBubble_T1”
  4. the only line that contains a function call is the “textFunction = at_Component_annotateInstrumentBubble”, there are 2 files that contain this function. The first is Annotate.ebs, this has the function definition of at_Component_annotateInstrumentBubble and other annotate functions. The second file is methodes.ini under  C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Modules\Base. The methods.ini file shows that at_Component_annotateInstrumentBubble is related to the Ann_InstrumentBubble_Method, which is part of the overall base commponents method.
  5. To find which sub methodes are used I went into the respective files and in each function I placed a message box outputing the function name. Running the desired function I determined that 2 functions from this method were called, then other functions I haven’t been able to Identify run afterwords (these functions are not part of the Base_Component_Method). The functions that I can identify create the first dialog box, the functions that run after the dialog box open a second dialog box then draw the annotation.
  6. Base_Component_Method acts as the method key for the parent class of each module such as HVAC or CableT.There are no functions in this method key that contain a draw function or call a draw function.
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Git for dummies? Here are some resources to get you started.

Git for dummies. There is no such book, however, here is a quick guide once you know what is going on. Here is another SUPER link and he deserves some sort of peace prize.

Another link is a dummy like resource for newcomers to your team. I have used Git for about a year, but it was only for one or two of us. Now that there is a whole team, we needed a little more knowledge and rather than teach everyone one by one, I thought I would make this post. If you have used SVN, git is a little more intense.

An online book is here. Bare vs. non bare git repository is important to know – check here.

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Adding a component with a weld or glue in the MTO (BOM)

search_paths_bentleyIf a piece of rigid PVC conduit is placed in Bentley AutoPLANT, then you will see a red dot or placeholder get added along with it. This comes out in the BOM as a glue. If you place enough of these, it counts the welds. How does this work – can I do the same for kits of stuff like joints or fasteners along with each piece of cable tray.

This is a log of my discoveries on ripping AutoPLANT apart to see how it works so I can create my own components like these so that items can be included as attachments in the MTOs or BOMs created. Continue reading

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Installing IIS and ASP.NET – installing things so you can get your website up and running

I have gotten a lot of issues of tinkering with IIS solved before – but never have I written anything down and I have never installed it from scratch. Now, I have to do these steps again so this time I will write them down for myself and others. I will not be using the default website.  I am doing so on Windows 7. Note that this is on the Intranet – so security is NOT my main focus although it is on my mind while setting it up but I am not going to be crazy on that in this discussion – just mention a few thing here or there that you might want to think about. This is where I started from a tutorial standpoint – but I am going back to this once I am done. There is a great MS tutorial in the 1st link in the install section below.

UPDATE: This little step of registering IIS (aspnet_regiis.exe -I) after install has gotten me SOOO many times. ALWAYS do this – see this link.

Install MS Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web

  • download from Microsoft and follow the instructions
  • – great tutorial site too
  • register it, MS says its free but you have to register – ok – no issues
  • you will require a reboot

Install IIS

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